2023 People Who Do Research Virtual Conference

An all day virtual learning event for researchers and the teams they support. You'll hear real-world stories and get sound advice from people who do research from across the globe.
Who should attend
Researchers and the teams they support including product managers, designers, and marketers.
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What you'll learn

No matter who does research in your organization, the challenges and goals remain the same.

How can we hear from our users more often with less effort?


  • Research democratization
  • ResearchOps
  • Perspectives on research from non-professional researchers (PWDRs)

In each session, you'll learn:

  • How teams can do great research in any role, at any time, with any amount of support
  • What conditions are required for outstanding research
  • Real-world stories and learnings of successful and failed research efforts
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People WHO Do Research


Connect with other people who do research based on shared interests. And connect to learn from each other as you scale research in your organization.

PWDR networking topics


Research Ops First Panel

Hear from folks that have built research practices starting with Operations. These ReOps experts will share their successes and failures, and outline some guidelines and best practices so anyone can get started with ReOps first. Speakers include Liza Pemstein from Clever Gaby Verderber from AppFolio Brad Orego from Auth0

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February 8, 2023

Research Democratization Discussion panel

In this panel discussion, we'll start with basic definitions, and talk about lessons learned, best practices, and common concerns related to research democratization. Panel speakers include: Laura Oxenfeld from Drift oë Glas from Google Amanda Gelb from Asana Helen Devine from The Economist and moderated by Varun Murugesan from Apple & Banana

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February 8, 2023

How does your Garden Grow? Creating & Nurturing your research ecosystem

Jane Davis

I've spent the last two months going deep into organizational research maturity for my latest research project. It's been a fascinating dive into the many, many components that go into creating a mature research practice at different organizations. What's especially cool is that any organization of any size can work on building its research maturity, whether or not they have dedicated UX Researchers yet. In this session, I will outline how every organization can invest in research maturity and break it down into the core components and ways to work on each one.

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February 8, 2023
PWDR Virtual Conference 2023
A single day virtual conference for researchers and the teams they support.