People Who Do Research
How it all began

In the two years since we launched Great Question we've been able to support researchers, research operations, designers, product managers and marketers as they conduct research.

After hearing all the creative ways that our customers are connecting with their users we thought it made sense to bring together not only researchers, but the teams they support: product, design, marketing into a single day of learning.

With each session you'll hear real world stories and get sound advice from folks that are talking to their users and uncovering insights that lead to stronger products and businesses.

While every session isn't meant for all attendees, we hope that you'll be able to attend the sessions you find most relevant. We're providing networking session for folks in each time zone (EMEA, North America& APAC). So you can connect with folks who share your interest in your regions.

Thank you for coming!

PWDR 2023

Look forward to...

real world stories
Real-world stories
We've asked speakers to tell their best and worst experiences as a person or team that does research. Learn from their successes or failures, and remember, this is a safe space!
sound advice icon
Sound advice
Each session will include key takeaways that will help any person in any role at companies of any size do great research.
companies big and small icon
Organizations of any size
Speakers might be from small startups to large well known enterprises. Research teams of 1 or a large team of well-established researchers.
recordings icon
Access to recordings
You’ll have access to all recordings after the event is over, so you can go back an rewatch the sessions you didn’t catch live. We’ll also share slides and additional resources.
panel discussions
Panel discussions
We'll have Q&A panels on topics like Ops first, research democratization and what we want the community to start, stop and continue in 2023
people who do research icon
Not just researchers
Speakers might be researchers, product managers, product designers, or research operations professionals. Varied experiences with research techniques, but a focus on impact.

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PWDR 2023
A full day of real world stories and sound advice from Researchers and the teams they support: research operations, product managers, designers, and marketers.