Jane Davis

Jane Davis

The only sustainable business growth comes from delivering value to people. I lead teams in helping companies understand what people are actually trying to do, and how we can help them do it, and then applying that to product decisions.

A very cool thing is that I've been able to translate my love of talking to humans and organizing information into a career helping businesses make better decisions faster. An even cooler thing is that I get to manage amazing teams of people who also love those things.

The coolest thing, though, is that I've been charged by grizzly bears while canoeing in the Arctic Circle.

Great Question is the the only customer research tool you need to recruit participants, conduct research & share what you learn with your team. Great Question is used by researchers, product managers, designers and research ops professionals from customer centric companies like Figma, Clever, Brex, Auth0 and AppFolio to streamline their research processes.

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