State of research

6:30 am

Ned Dwyer

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Session Description

During this kick-off session, Ned will walk through the state of research across disciplines, where we've come from, and where we are today. He'll outline what needs to happen to move research into a strategic seat at every table. He'll also preview what you can expect at PWDR 2023 and what Great Question is working on in 2023.


Ned Dwyer

Ned Dwyer is the co-founder and CEO of Great Question. Ned has been a technology entrepreneur for over a decade and after three successful exits, he’s founded his biggest passion project to date, focused on customer research. With Great Question he helps product, design and research teams better understand their customers and build something people want.

Ned Dwyer
Ned Dwyer
PWDR 2023
Developed for researchers and the teams they support. This full day virtual session will deliver real-world stories and sound advice from People Who Do Research.