Scaling Research that Rocks 🤘 (or at least isn't rubbish)

1:00 pm

Kate Towsey

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Session Description

For the most part, the fight to generate demand for research is won. The challenge for research leaders and their teams now centers on how to satiate the demand for research without sacrificing the integrity and robustness of their craft. The need for insights at speed and the tug o' war between research (and researcher) supply and demand means that research "democratization" and leaning on research technology have become key strategies for organizations around the world who want to deliver products and services that their customers want. As a result, product managers, designers, content designers, engineers, and more often take on the task of doing research—skilled or not. 


In 2019, I devised the term "people who do research," or PWDR for short, to describe this wide cohort of people who do research (or activities that are research-like) to make better-informed decisions about their work. Whether democratization is intentional or not, it's within this context that most research teams operate today. To scale a research practice and culture that rocks, research leaders must face the democratization of their craft head-on. But they needn't do it alone because research ops can play a critical part. In this talk, I'll share how my research ops team at Atlassian has helped upgrade access to insights and the appreciation for well-executed research and the tactics you might use to do the same.


Kate Towsey

I manage a global Research Ops team for Atlassian. Taking a break from social media until the end of '22. Currently writing Research At Scale, which will be published with Rosenfeld Media in early '23. Founder of the Cha Cha Club: an invite-only club for full-time Research Ops professionals, specifically. Founder of the ResearchOps Community (I no longer run it) and instigator of the #WhatisResearchOps initiative.

Kate Towsey
Kate Towsey
PWDR 2023
Developed for researchers and the teams they support. This full day virtual session will deliver real-world stories and sound advice from People Who Do Research.