"Trusted Spaces," a requirement for research

7:00 am

Lena Blackstock

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Session Description

Are you a researcher, a person who does research or simply someone interested in supporting evidence-based decision-making in your organization? If so, you may have faced some of these scenarios in your work:

  • Initiatives optimized only for speed and minimal co-dependencies create disconnects between the teams doing the research and teams who need the learnings to inform their decision-making.
  • Cross-functional team sessions tend to be structured around exchanging information instead of building shared knowledge and learning together.
  • Collaboration Is expected by your organization and often talked about as a goal, but it is usually not something teams are given time, resources or incentives to do sustainably.

Join Lena for a session where she’ll share learnings and reflections from her work in different organizations and research teams facing some of these challenges. She will also share strategies and tactics you can try to create shared learning spaces for and with your teams.


Lena Blackstock

Lena is an independent Researcher and Strategist. She spent the last 15 years applying research tools and mindsets in both consulting and in-house roles. In her recent roles, she built and scaled Research and Insights teams in Technology companies such as HashiCorp and Asurion. Before that she spent a decade in consulting, leading projects in design strategy, ethnographic research, service design, and innovation.

Lena Blackstock
Lena Blackstock
PWDR 2023
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