Product + Research + Marketing: A match made in heaven

10:00 am

Libby Perold & Amy McNerney

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Session Description

In this session you'll learn how Senior Product Designer and Product Marketing researchers at Alma work together to expand research impact. Hear how Libby (Product Designer) and Amy (Product Marketing Researcher) leverage their own skill sets to conduct and scale research to everyone at Alma. Learning from each other, both Amy and Libby have been able to conduct high quality research and communicate its value and impact internally.


Libby Perold & Amy McNerney

Libby Perold is the Senior Manager, Product Design at Alma. include She is responsible for leading the product design team as well as leading UX research across their two distinct customer groups. As the Product Marketing Researcher at Alma, Amy is responsible for leading Marketing research activities – from member satisfaction to brand health and loyalty. Together they are learning from each other while expanding the impact of research across Alma.

Libby Perold & Amy McNerney
Libby Perold & Amy McNerney
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