No Researchers, no problem. ResearchOps First at Clever

3:00 pm

Liza Pemstein

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Session Description

In this session, Liza Pemstein, Research Operations Manager will talk about her journey to feed the need for research at Clever via a ReOps first model. You'll learn how she's scaled research efforts to support all of the people who do research, what lessons she wishes she could have learned faster and what she's excited about for 2023.


Liza Pemstein

Passionate about innovation in educational media and technology. I have a Masters of Arts in Media & Education from S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Over 15 years of experience working with children and families; I have seen first-hand the powerful and lasting effects that memorable characters and enveloping storylines have on others. I have a diverse creative and technical background which includes writing, directing and editing films and videos, developing educational content for children, and consulting on early childhood education.

My love of travel and adventure has taken me to over twenty-five countries and back-and-forth across the US many times. I use these experiences to create new stories to tell and thoughtful lessons for younger audiences. I believe that education should be fun and engaging because that is when it is most effective.

My strengths include humor, innovation, diligence, communication, teamwork and creative problem solving. When not spending hours of quality time with the Adobe Creative Suite you can find me writing short stories, building puppets or making an excellent sandwich.

Liza Pemstein
Liza Pemstein
PWDR 2023
Developed for researchers and the teams they support. This full day virtual session will deliver real-world stories and sound advice from People Who Do Research.