Impactful research is a team sport

7:30 am

Peter Roessler

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Session Description

This non-technical talk proposes that the application of core principles for strong communication - Listening, Empathy, and Vulnerability - builds trust and unlocks any researcher’s ability to have more impact with their work within their organization. Peter will highlight 3 scenarios from his past work experience where these principles were not applied to highlight the undesired outcomes and propose the potential benefits if they had been. The hope is that researchers and their stakeholders will carry the message into your work to realize the benefits.


Peter Roessler

Peter Roessler is a design research expert, strategist, and leader of research teams with two decades of experience who places emphasis on connection and inclusivity with peers, drawing out the connections between research needs and the persistent dynamics of the business, and building best-in-class cultures, practices, and products. He currently is the Director of User Research a 0 to 1' Research leadership hire, exploring the value and impact of early-stage strategic research leadership, early formation of healthy organizational habits, and balancing rigor with velocity.

Peter Roessler
Peter Roessler
PWDR 2023
Developed for researchers and the teams they support. This full day virtual session will deliver real-world stories and sound advice from People Who Do Research.