Designers path to research democratization at Brex

4:00 pm

Nicolás Carey & James Wallis

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Session Description

Learn the three P's to research democratization that the design team at Brex use to bring customer research to more and more designers. Today teams are empowered to execute research but it didn't happen over night. Learn how the focus on recruiting, conducting and accessing research has made it possible to get research done every time.


Nicolás Carey & James Wallis

Nicolás Carey- Having led product design teams at companies like Potato and Corplex, Nicolás has been the Director of Product design on the growth team at Brex for the past 2 years.

James Wallis- James has been the Design Operations Manager at Brex for the past year. Prior to that he worked in operations across various teams at Potato, Webgains & Goviral.

Nicolás Carey & James Wallis
Nicolás Carey & James Wallis
PWDR 2023
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