Conference Research & Recruiting: Tips and Tricks for Meeting Participants Where They Are

10:00 am

Rachel Miles

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Session Description

Sometimes you just can't get access to users. There comes a time when you have to stop asking nicely and just find them yourself. One method that works quite well is going to conferences. However, it may or may not be the right time investment for you. After conducting research and recruiting participants at over 10 conferences, I've got some tips and tricks I'd like to share.


  • When going to conference has the right ROI
  • What kinds of research might be effective at conferences
  • Tips and tricks to recruiting participants at conferences


Rachel Miles

Rachel is a user experience researcher and strategist. A self-proclaimed nerd of all trades, she loves to learn about everything that crosses her path. In addition to being an avid learner herself, Rachel also has a passion for helping others shine their voice through her research, writing, and editing skills. In her spare time, you might catch her reading, drawing, or traveling. She regularly writes about UX Research on her blog at Renaissance Rachel.

Rachel Miles
Rachel Miles
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