Concept validation for early-stage products

9:30 am

Laura Oxenfeld

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Session Description

When Drift’s head of research first started working in the product space she was asked to “validate concepts” with minimal guidance. As qualitative researcher, she knew that asking participants questions about expected future behavior was not reliable data. Over the last few years Laura has fine tuned her concept validation research approach to get reliable insights and also satisfy her product stakeholders that want a view into the future.


-No designs needed

- Have participants compare concepts in a specific way

- Probe participants on how a concept could fail to discover edge cases

- How to tackle “would you buy this” and “how much would you pay for this” requests from your product partners


Laura Oxenfeld

Laura has been in the research field for a decade. In that time Laura has worked at companies like Comcast, Allstate, and Acquia and is currently the UX Research Manager at Drift, an AI based sales and marketing platform. In her role she runs product design research related to the biggest unknowns around product strategy. In addition, she empowered a team of 10+ designers to run over 50 research studies in 2022. 

Laura Oxenfeld
Laura Oxenfeld
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