Method, Schmethod: its about coaching & influence

7:00 am

Jaime Robb & Eva Jirjahlke

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Session Description

Research isn’t just about methods and if you do just keep it about methods you are missing an opportunity to make a strategic impact. Hear how the newly formed research team at Totally Money used coaching and influence to get a seat at the strategic table.

During this session you'll hear from the team at Totally Money that started the formal research program, the old habits they had to break and how they leverage coaching and influence more than method selection to illustrate the impact of research at a FinTech on a mission to improve the UK's credit score and help people move on up to a better future.


Jaime Robb & Eva Jirjahlke

Jaime Robb is the Director of Product Design at TotallyMoney. Starting her career as a designer, she is a huge advocate for keeping the users at the heart of design, focusing on user research to develop products. With a career spanning 16 years across multiple industries, including publishing, fashion, print and now fintech, Jaime iis responsible for representing design team

Eva Jirjahlke is the Lead User Researcher at TotallyMoney. In the past 9 years, Eva has run research programs in higher education, charity and now fintech. In her current role, Eva’s building out the research function to drive the development of the TotallyMoney app.

Together, they have over 2 decades worth of design and research experience. Today, they are using skills such as relationship building, coaching, and training, to help stakeholders do better research within the company.

Jaime Robb & Eva Jirjahlke
Jaime Robb & Eva Jirjahlke
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