Being a Researcher in a Sea of PWDR

2:30 pm

Gaby Verderber

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Session Description

As a researcher at AppFolio, a software development company with nearly 2,000 employees and a lived core value of listening to customers, where does Research fit? Gaby and her team have navigated these interesting waters, and found their place. Adding value, delivering insights and tracking the impact of research. Learn the processes they use and the lessons they learned along the way.


Gaby Verderber

Moving from design to research operations is a unique path, but for Gaby it made perfect sense. If you can't get in touch with the right users, your designs will never be exactly what the customer needs. In her nearly 5 years at AppFolio, a cloud-based business management solution built for the real estate industry, she's moved from UX Designer to the manager of User Experience Operations. Today, she develops, supports, and scales the UX Operations team in their efforts to provide timely participant recruitment, efficient processes, and sufficient infrastructure & tools for all aspects of Design & Research work.

Gaby Verderber
Gaby Verderber
PWDR 2023
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